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In the Beginning….. October 23, 2008

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Well I have joined the world of blogging – I’m quite excited about keeping a record of my life.  I want to see the way my life changes over the year – also I want to keep a record of the exciting things God has for me this year.  I also want to write down the dreams I feel God has given me – I feel like alot of my dreams are for the future rather than the here and now – so to have them written here means I can see if they are coming into being!

 I will also be writing about how God can uses me in my everyday life – I am not someone who will be out on the streets preaching the gospel but I do want to be used by God to love the person in front of me.  So who knows, we’ll see where that takes me!

  I want to keep a record of promises fulfilled and fears I’ve overcome – when I’ve trusted in God and seen him answer my prayers, when I’ve stood with someone in pain and seen them set free and when I have stepped out in faith and taken some risks!


Spiders November 10, 2008

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On Friday night I had a dream that was really interesting for me – I don’t remember all of the dream just the essence of it but I think its the part that God wanted to speak to me about.

I was at home with PK and I was aware that there were spiders around and PK was trying to catch a really big one which was in the dining room.  I was in the lounge terrified but I really wanted to get to the kitchen  and was getting impatient so I got up and walked past where PK and the spider were and the spider jumped on me.  I screamed as I am terrified of spiders and I was yelling to Pk to get it off me but he said he couldn’t see it anywhere.  He then looked in a fold in the bottom of my tshirt and in there was a squashed dead spider and Pk said “Here its is dead – looks like its been there a while”  and brushed it off.

Interpretation – I had been thinking about what happened to me at the father heart conf cos I prayed through some stuff to do with he fear of failure but wasn’t sure much happened.  I cried but I didn’t feel like anything broke or left.  But recently I have begun to make bags to sell on the internet and at this stage I would normally begin to lose momentum, feel like they weren’t good enough or that I wasn’t going to be able to do it so why bother.  But I noticed that the momentum was still there and that I was as determined as before to keep making the bags.  I feel like the dream was God telling me that the spider (which usually represent to me fear and the demonic) Had jumped on me but was now dead and had been for a while and that I just needed to brush it out of my essence and that the fear of failure was no longer part of who I am. Thank you God!!


The List November 6, 2008

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I have been thinking a lot lately, especially since turning 30, just how many silly little fears hold me back and stop me doing the things I dream of doing.  I allowed them all through my twenties to dominate and restrict me but now I feel its time to face them.  Now to some people the things that I find scary could be considered small or even insignificant or even ridiculous but to me they are huge and very real.  Some  of them are more practical then spiritual yet I know facing them will impact on my relationship with God, how i serve in Church and how I witness outside of church.

So what are these dreadful fears?  I am going to make a list that I may add to later but I am going to aim to face each fear on the list at least once over the next year.

So here it is:

1. Travelling on the London underground by myself

2. Driving somewhere I’ve never been before

3. Make a phonecall to enquire about a new hobby to do

4. Drive to Devon on my own

5. Have coffee by myself

6. Travel on a local bus

I think thats it for now and I am going to keep a record of how I do in facing those fears and just how much freedom it brings in my day to day life and my walk with God!


Angelic Presence November 4, 2008

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On Sunday I felt like God was saying to me to expect angels and I remembered my Mum telling me about how she purposefully looks for angels, around the room during worship, with her eyes open.  So I started doing that at evening church but unfortunately I didn’t see any.  But when I closed my eyes I heard a voice say to me “Why didn’t you look for angels today in the new church building?” (We had been to visit it for the first time that afternoon.) And then I had a vision of the building and stood at the front of the building where the main meeting will be was a huge angel.  He was just to the right stood in the corner – he stood floor to ceiling.  The amazing thing about him other than he was huge was that he was just standing as if he was standing guard – almost as if he had taken the ground and he was not to be moved.  I also got the sense of other angels walking around the building and clearly saw one in the vision walking from the main hall to the children’s rooms and he was walking back and forth and I felt this was to do with taking ground and a sense of God’s presence already being in that place.  I feel so excited about these angels and it gives me goose bumps to think that God has sent his angels to stand guard over the buliding he had given us and I am convinced that that angel isn’t going anywhere and he will still be there when we move in and are meeting that place.  And I for sure will be looking out for him hoping that I will see him with my eyes wide open.  Thank you God!!


Dream – April 1st 2008 October 29, 2008

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What is this dream all about – some of it seems obvious but the rest is a bit of a mystery to me.

It felt like a scene from a movie instead of an entire story:

I was a passenger in a car (can’t see the driver)  we were driving over the Old Ford End road Bridge and the bridge was littered with guerilla freedom fighters with a variety of weapons – they were hiding in cracks and crevices and up poles.  The guns were very black and very real I could see all the details and they were of various sizes and types.  They had bandanas over their faces so I could only see their eyes.  As the car approached they came out of their hiding places as if to ambush us – I started to draw a blanket up over my face (although I wasn’t afraid either). But then I realised that that wasn’t a good idea  as they needed to see my who I was and realise I was no threat and that I belonged in that place.

Then it cuts to me, Z, K and one other walking by the train station saying we need to go back to Queens Park but we need a car as we can’t walk over the bridge.  I see my next door neighbour and ask him if we can go in his taxi.  We ask him why all this conflict is happening and he began to cry and was really upset by conflict between his community – he begins to explain – Z puts her hand on his shoulder. 

I am then transported as if into a dream whilst he explains what happened as a narrator – Its dark, he says a man was kicked in the face on the footbridge whilst taking his son out – I saw the man slumped up against the wall with his young son in a car seat next to him.  Many people were so upset by what had happened they were gathering on the bridge crying – I saw groups of women sat together on the floor of the footbridge in circles – crying and mourning.

It then cuts back to us being in the car at the Prebend street roundabout – And there were these new signs like it had become a Major city roundabout – And the guy who’s driving keeps driving round the roundabout saying “There must be a sign for Queens Park somewhere”

I also remember being aware that the rest of Bedford knew there was conflict going on in Queens Park but they just avoided the area – it was like a war-torn country and the rest of the town just carried on as normal.

Hmmm one to ponder!!


Tornados – Wed 3rd Feb 2004 October 23, 2008

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Scene 1- PK and I are on holiday staying in a huge Americanstyle wooden house by the sea – the house was on a hill, above a road and then another slope into the sea. CH was there and everyone was in the garden sitting at a picnic table.  Pk and I walked out to join them – As I stood by the table i looked up and saw what seemed like hundreds of tornadoes on the horizon – I said “Look at those!” but no-one seemed to notice – I then began rebuking them in the name of Jesus and holding my hand out to each one – saying “You will not destroy this land!” And each one disappeared and everyone carried on.

Scene 2 -The sky then grew darker and 5 large tornadoes appeared – they were dark grey and very threatening.  I told Pk to go into the house and I grabbed one of the children and we went indoors and the tornadoes seemed to disappear.

Scene 3 – Those tornadoes seemed to have caused a huge tidal wave (Which was a very dark blue in colour) – heading towards the house.  I told everyone to go upstairs, again I grabbed the child and she asked me what was happening but I was desperate for her not to see the wave that was coming so i took her upstairs and put her in a cupboard where there was a bed – CH was with her – the wave then passed through the house and didn’t touch the top floor and it didn’t do any damage.

Scene 4 – I looked out the back of the house onto what seemed like a drive way – the wave had appeared to have unearthed loads of snakes – there were people (neighbours) talking – one picked up the snake and threw it away as if she was cleaning away the mess the wave had left – the snakes were sticking up out of the ground like sticks.  I thought I didn’t know there were snakes in the garden.  And when I looked out the front of the house the sea had covered the road and was almost up to the house but it hadn’t done any damage and people were still milling around.

Scene 5 – Everyone back to normal – indoor swimming pool in the house and everyone was swimming in it.